HOOPs 2426 Pacenti 23SL Wheelsets

We chose the Pacenti 23SL for our 2426 build to be our top end alloy wheelset. Viewed by many as the premier alloy rim on the marked today Pacenti 23SL measures 24 mm wide and 26 mm deep.

Starting at $475

HOOPs Powertap G3 Kinlin 279 Rear Wheel Build

We offer Powertap G3 as an option on all of our builds and we also offer it as just a rear wheel as well. For over 15 years Powertap has been one of the leading power meter manufactures in the world.

Starting at $895

Hi Brent

Was able to go for a long ride today, 75 miles. Last night I went on a group ride with my old wheels so I had a fresh point of view. First impression I LOVE THEM! I felt like the gave me a fair bit of speed and snap, cornering is on another level, they climb well and my decent speed was significantly faster than it has been, something I was not expecting. You make a great set of wheels and treat your customers extremely well, it has been a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks so much, I wish you and your wife the best of luck in the future. you have my word of mouth advertising for sure!

Thanks again,